Nurturing the art of acting together for a long-lasting performance

The way we see things: fun, made-to-measure, with a dedicated project manager

The joy of learning through playful techniques is an essential step to sharpen your interpersonal skills. Our interventions create an original and benevolent atmosphere which enhances people’s awareness of their areas of improvement and encourages them to take risks.

What makes our approach so specific, is that it’s a “learning-by-doing” one: repeated practice to help you set up new reflexes and find your own highroad towards greater performance. We create professional role plays taken directly from the participants’ context, and we use artistic techniques, among which theatrical improvisation, to help them seize the mental posture of relational effectiveness: openness, assertiveness, usefulness, are at the heart of our programs. We put into practice lessons learnt from various communication theories – Transactional Analysis, Non-Violent Communication, Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Unlike many others, we believe each training path is unique and should be framed in line with your needs, your structure and your culture. Your Next Level partner dedicates himself personally through every step of your project, from the design phase to D-day. We don’t outsource anything, and it’s all tailor-made!

Why does it work?

Because we love it! Finding the blockage, understanding the underlying forces at stake, helping teams work better together, that’s our mojo!

It works because we all come from top Business or Engineering Schools and have explored the roots of the corporate world in a previous life. Therefore we know how to listen to your needs, understand your environment, your constraints… and put together the training process which will roll specifically for YOU.

It works because our approach is lively and always at the cutting edge, with 120 years of cumulated experiences in training and improvisation, of behavioral techniques teaching programs, and of regular research on social science topics.

Next Level is an accredited training organization. We specialize in a dozen subjects, among which interpersonal communication, public speaking, project management, principled negotiation, team creativity… and a few more!

Here are a few examples of the trainings we have led: