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Project roadmap


First step: we get in contact?

How do you want to get in touch with us? Choose the communication channel you prefer to make a first step towards Next Level:

  • Our website: just leave your message in the box above
  • Our generic address:
  • Our phone number:
    +33 (0)1 84 16 19 80

But you can also contact one of our consultants directly by email , or on LinkedIn


Second step: we call you back?

One of our consultants will follow up on your message by email or by phone to invite you to discuss your needs. On this occasion, he/she will also recommend a dedicated consultant to work with you.


Third step: we meet?

As we build our customized offers according to what you tell us about yourself, we suggest that you meet us to create the conditions for a real exchange that will allow us to adapt our offer to your culture and your context. This meeting can be done online or in person!


Fourth step: we find a match?
We work on your project and send you a proposal with :

  • The elements of your context and what we have understood about your needs
  • What we imagine doing with you to meet your needs
  • The investment that it represents

It’s up to you to read all this at your leisure… and to call us back to tell us what you think!

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