The Next Level team

“Experiences, cravings… and lots of fun!”

A sales manager who is a master of close-up magic, an HR executive who sings professionally, an R&D engineer who takes the stage as a stand-up comedian… These are only 3 of the 12 astonishing hybrid creatures of Next Level.


Our incredible journey started in the 2000s. We had all just graduated from various “Grandes Ecoles”, France’s elite Business and Engineering Schools*. Back then we didn’t know each other, and we had all naturally turned to the corporate world. As we took our jobs a step further, we got accustomed to our companies’ cultures and challenges, their load of stimulating pleasures and disheartening frustrations.

Then… we all got the call: leaving a promising career to embrace an artistic one. The leap we had always secretly longed for. For sure we had doubts and uncertainties… but we knew extraordinary experiences were awaiting us along the way! The engineer specialized in missile guidance systems became an actor, the strategic consultant became a concert pianist… Everything was possible.

At some point, we started feeling the urge to combine the experiences of those 2 worlds, which brought us to discover a third one, the world of training. With our intriguing profiles, we were capable of making countless links between artistic techniques and professional reality. That’s how our 12 paths crossed, so different and so similar at the same time!

Throughout the years, we built a unique competence: translating the assets brought by theatre, music or screenwriting, such as creativity, commitment and openness, into behaviors of high professional added value. As we started working together, we built a strong mutual trust, and along with it, the eagerness to increase the quality and the boldness of our interventions.

At the end of 2011, it was time to move on to the “Next Level”. By then we knew each other like the back of our hands and had accumulated hundreds of days of trainings. We shared the same values of assertiveness, active listening, usefulness to others. That’s how we decided to found our own company, Next Level. Transparent, horizontal, enhancing adaptability and innovation. All our missions share the same credo: flexibility and open-mindedness are a guarantee of durable professional performance… and a token of fun!

*higher education establishments outside the main framework of the French university system


IG56013_VoilaCeQueJauraisDuDire_CV_EXE_002.inddn 2015, we embarked on a new adventure: writing an interactive book around personal development to help people master new reflexes, just like a sports coach, with a selection of our best practices and exercises. 22 practical chapters, each representing a common professional situation that can give you a hard time: managing your team members, learning how to say no, dealing with conflicts, making memorable oral presentations, conducting efficient meetings… Each chapter offers a series of filmed exercises with increasing degrees of difficulty to help you rock those soft skills and become a communication champ! Our 170 videos are accessible through a mobile app. From one module to the other, you discover our AAA communication process – Analyse, Accept, Adapt – which can help you improve the way you react to any situation you might be confronted to.

For now, “Voilà ce que j’aurais dû dire” (literally “That’s what I should have said!”) has been published in French only, at Eyrolles Editions.