The core of our method

Giving my teams the opportunity to work with Next Level helped them grow, feel at ease with their jobs and deal much more efficiently with difficult and unpredictable situations.”

 Yves Martrenchar, HR Director of the BNP PARIBAS Group

At the beginning, our vision was driven by one conviction: the secret of sustainable performance in any learning process is pleasure… and playgrounds aren’t just for kids, they make even more sense for adults! Improving your behavioral posture means developing new reflexes, changing well-established habits and rituals you have settled in for years… In the light of that, how can you even start thinking of making a real change if exercising for it is neither fun nor attractive?

This makes even more sense given how complex and various our customers’ issues can be. Each mission is a new journey: the RH manager of a global company or the R&D supervisor of a start-up won’t face the same challenges as the executive staff of an institutional group, a student or a sales team. Experience, age or ambition imply a huge diversity of profiles. All those parameters make each situation unique.

In order to find the most pertinent solution with the right content and the right format, we have decided to tailor each of our interventions: whether you request our assistance as consultants, trainers (for classroom based or e-learning sessions) or event organizers, we have more than one string in our bow to meet your needs and help you acquire new fulfilling reflexes.

We work equally in French and English, and have supported companies on nearly every continent: France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, United States, Mexico, Middle East, Taiwan…