We’ll take you through an unforgettable seminar!

You are organizing an annual Convention. You want it impactful, lively, well-balanced and promising?

« All-inclusive » solutions

We provide global, innovative solutions to help you organize those major events so that they embark your teams around your projects and your vision. Our consultants make a diagnosis of your communication issues, structure them around key messages and stage your interventions so that they become more dynamic, interactive and proficient. No surprises for you, but a complete and utter surprise for your colleagues!

Fine-tune your communication strategy beforehand and improve your public speaking skills through collective or individual coaching sessions, prior to the event.

Round tables, debates or interviews led by a journalist, illustration of your problematics through theatre sketches, happening or pranks: we master the sense of rhythm to give those important, crucial moments the right pace and put forward both your people and your ideas.

Let’s have fun together!

We have imagined a whole range of clever teambuildings to provide big laughs for your teams. Lots of original, cheery and challenging activities to discover your colleagues in a completely different light, and share a powerful moment which will mark your memories forever.

You could surprise everyone with our show “Mirror, mirror on the wall…”, a unique version of your event which our improv’ artists see under a magnifying glass: they write and perform a play directly inspired from their live observations of your workshops.

Or instead of having your team members watch passively from the audience, let them become actors for a night! In 2 hours, they design and stage small comedy sketches which they perform in front of their colleagues!

Or you might want to compete with Broadway musicals and take on a collective singing challenge? One of our pianists and vocal directors arranges harmonies to create a musical number and transform your team into an electrifying choir…

Other options on the menu to boost your team spirit: Murder party, commedia dell’arte, egg drop challenge, production of short films… So, what’s your pick?

Evenement 1© Eric Drouin / Safran Group
Evenement 2© Eric Drouin / Safran Group
Evenement 3© Thierry Mamberti / Safran

The NLF asset: we take care of everything! Upstream preparation, hosting business-related sessions as well as funny ones, we organize your symposium from A to Z.

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