A different outlook on your company

Helping humans work together

Throughout our soft skills trainings, we’ve seen a lot of men and women work together. And whatever their jobs or their lines of business were, we helped them improve their efficiency, collectively and individually, using our artistic know-how as one of the pillars of our method.

This is the type of fresh, experienced look we take at your organization. Your team members don’t talk to each other anymore, your colleagues express contradictory objectives, you are encountering a strong leadership problem? We investigate the ways people interact in your company and help them find alternative solutions to transform your processes.

Here is an example of one of our missions as consultants:

Generating desire in transformation projects

Transformation plans are often complex and led in difficult contexts, where tensions can rise and passivity can block the course of events. In those cases, re-engaging everyone around a common vision becomes decisive.

We offer all your employees, from Steering Committees to field teams, an “experimental laboratory”, so they can test new ways of stimulating changes in their practices, together or individually. We challenge your staff so that they develop innovative solutions which federate them instead of pulling them apart.

Driving know-how transfer

We provide your managers with tried-and-tested tools to make their ambition come true, frame and formulate a project which brings their teams together and gets them involved. We prepare them to renew an open dialogue and keep on fostering it once we’re gone.

We like partnering with other consulting companies to combine our fields of expertise and develop made-to-measure solutions which match your organization’s needs.